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About the band website project:

Melody Speaker, owner of Speak Like Music, approached us to redesign her band website, She wanted to maintain the same design but with some minor updates to integrate it as a subsection of Speak Like Music. After analyzing the existing website, our project management team provided a report to the designers, who quickly created a new design. The development team then implemented the design, using Oxygen builder to optimize website speed and facilitate coding and management, as per the client's requirements. The project was completed swiftly and successfully, with minor changes based on client feedback.
Panwa Designs is a Thai-based handicraft manufacturing and selling industry that approached us with a unique challenge. They were selling their products online on Amazon and wanted a website that could work seamlessly with the Amazon platform. They wanted their website to serve as a tool for managing their products while still being able to sell on Amazon.

One of the major obstacles that Panwa Designs faced was that they sold their products individually as well as in bulk orders. Selling individual products on their website would be impractical as the shipping costs would be too high. Therefore, they needed a system where customers could view their products on the website, and purchase them on Amazon, while wholesalers could easily make bulk orders on the website.

Our team was up for the challenge and successfully created a system that allowed for seamless integration between the website and Amazon platform. We ensured that Panwa Designs could manage their products on their website while still selling on Amazon. Our team also created an easy-to-use interface for customers to view the products on the website and then make purchases on Amazon. We also created a feature for wholesalers to place bulk orders on the website.

In conclusion, our team delivered the best product to our customer and provided them with a solution that allowed them to thrive online. We ensured that Panwa Designs' customers could have the best experience while buying their products, and the wholesalers could easily place bulk orders through their website. Our team's expertise in web development ensured that Panwa Designs' business could grow and succeed both online and offline.

Project Duration:
10 days from 13th October 2022 to 23rd October 2022.

REGENT Hair Factory, is a WooCommerce website and subsidiary of ABABIL Business International LTD operating in Dubai as AL-AMAL AL-Qaryat Trading Co. L.L.C, is a top-tier hairpiece and hair system manufacturer that produces a diverse range of products for various hair types and concerns.

When the founder of REGENT Hair Factory approached us to create their website, we encountered some difficulties in communicating with him due to his busy schedule in Dubai. As a result, one of his assistants acted as a liaison between our team and REGENT Hair Factory.

While working on the project, we faced additional challenges when the company changed their needs and made new feature requests. Despite the challenges, our team was committed to delivering the best possible outcome for REGENT Hair Factory. We worked hard to ensure that the website met their expectations, even though it took longer than anticipated due to the company's changing requirements.

In the end, we were able to deliver a highly satisfactory result that earned a 5-star rating from REGENT Hair Factory. We are proud to have collaborated with such a reputable and innovative company, and we look forward to future projects with them.

Project Duration:
7 days from 21th September 2022 to 27th September 2022.

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Just Music

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Project Detail:

Plugins Used on the website:

Features of the website:

  • Television logo list showcase
  • Contact form integration
  • Blogging

What we did on the website:

The website presented a unique challenge as the client desired to maintain the same design from her existing website while incorporating minor changes to align it with her other website, Just Music. Our dedicated project research team put in considerable effort to create an outline for the designer team, ensuring a clear direction for the project. Subsequently, our development team worked diligently to bring the vision to life, striving to deliver the best possible outcome.

  • Design Providing
  • Full WordPress website redesign

Client Review

"Again they show their talent and turned the website into exactly what I needed."
Melody Speaker
Wednusdat, September 27, 2022

Use of the plugins:

Oxygen Builder:

Oxygen Builder used for WooCommerce website

Once again, our client approached us with a request for a website redesign, this time for her project called Just Music. To meet her requirements and deliver an exceptional online experience, we decided to utilize Oxygen Builder. Renowned for its efficiency and flexibility, Oxygen Builder proved to be the perfect tool for this project. With its robust features and capabilities, we were able to enhance the website's performance, resulting in faster page load times and a seamless browsing experience for visitors. The versatility of Oxygen Builder allowed us to create a visually appealing and highly functional website, precisely tailored to our client's unique needs.

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Oxygen Builder used for WooCommerce website

Our client approached us once again, this time for the website redesign of Just Music. To incorporate a user-friendly and efficient contact form, we chose to utilize the OxyExtra plugin. With its simplicity and ease of use, OxyExtra allowed us to quickly create and customize a contact form that met the client's requirements. The plugin's minimal file size ensured a lightweight and optimized website for fast loading times. Integration with WordPress was seamless, streamlining our development process. Overall, OxyExtra enabled us to deliver a visually appealing website with a hassle-free experience for visitors interacting with the contact form.

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Contact Form 7:

Oxygen Builder used for WooCommerce website

To fulfill the requirement of a user-friendly and efficient contact form on the Speak Like Music website, we opted to utilize the Contact Form 7 plugin. Contact Form 7 proved to be an excellent choice for this project due to its simplicity and ease of use. The plugin's streamlined interface enabled us to swiftly create and customize the contact form according to the client's specifications. Another advantage of Contact Form 7 is its minimal file size, ensuring that the website remains lightweight and optimized for fast loading times. The seamless integration with WordPress further simplified our development process, allowing us to deliver a visually appealing website with a smooth and hassle-free contact form experience for visitors.

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