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Who we are

Forayeji Creative Agency is a group of experts who provide digital services such as web design, app design, graphic design, UI/UX design, and SEO optimization. They are providing services all over the world and are based in Bangladesh. The disciplined and dedicated team is always ready to handle your work creatively and on time.

How we established the company to provide services!

In 2019, we started the agency. Before starting, we were providing services for many other countries as a part of freelancing. We had customers from various countries, but we didn't have the proper direction of work. So we took the decision and started the company to organize ourselves and provide the best of the best.

Why did we need to establish the agency for services?

When we are working for various countries and companies, we need to provide them with a legal deal for it, and we also need more workflow and workers. So establishing an agency is the best way to build trust and relationships among workers, companies, and clients, through which we can do everything in a systematic way.

Is it the best we could do to organize ourselves?

When we are more organized, we are able to work more efficiently and effectively. Our main priority is to provide the best work to the customer or company. One of the most important things is to be systematic. So we can say that it was the best decision for us to grow and deliver powerful projects.

Our Mission and Vision

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is our main priority. We are dedicated to producing the highest-quality work possible. We are always dedicated to our projects and committed to providing on-time delivery of quality work.

We have talented and professional team members!

In the field of web design, we have a group of talented, dedicated, and hardworking people. The talented young people are working tirelessly on your project to make it the best it can be.
We have a talented flutter expert who is experienced and hardworking. They understand your need and give their best effort and make your app 100% proper and functional with high security.
When you are running a business or you need to run ads, you just need some banners, ads, and more graphic stuff. This graphic stuff is the most important because it attracts people to your business. More people will connect with you, no matter how appealing it is. So we have a very creative and talented designer to meet your needs.
If you are going to create a website or app, you must have a UI/UX design, because only with this can your project become clear and functional. So, we are designing your UI/UX with our experts to make it professional.
If you are running a website or creating one and trying to get more traffic, you must need a fast website and it must have the best SEO to get unique traffic. So, our professionals and experts are optimizing your website speed and SEO.

Our Flexible Team Member

Md. Ahsan Habib Forayeji

CEO and Founder

Atiqur Rahman Forayeji


Md. Josim Uddin

WordPress Expert

Md. Sohanur Rahman

WordPress Expert

Md. Asaduzzaman

WordPress Expert

Kaisar Ahmed

Graphic and UI/UX Expert

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